Tuesday, March 2, 2010

two for tuesdays!

Tonight I successfully did my 2 for tuesdays! I've been wanting to do 2 workouts a day for awhile but today, finally........
I ran 6.07 miles in 47:54 (ave pace 7:58!) with the tuesday night running group. Instead of staying for food, I went to yoga. Yoga was short but I was glad bc i was getting tired and a bit hungry.

Did I tell you Mr. TLVBM and I signed up for Green Jewel 50K this wkend? I have no plans of finishing, I just want to run about 20ish miles. But I'm not going to lie, if I'm feeling good, I will attempt to finish it. Cleveland (where is race sorta around) is about half way btw me and tlvbm. these 4.5 hr drives to ann arbor is tiring. SO I suggested that we do this race and we only have to drive half the time! On Hal Higdon's marathon intermediate plan i'm suppose to run 9 on sat and 12 on sun. I modified my wk day training to a lighter schedule. Absolute rest day on friday with 3ish mile run on thursday. I might just do some cross training on wed.  anyhoo, i'm excited for the wkend!

I'm going to rant abt tlvbm so ear muffs please if you want to avoid listening to a whiny girl whining about how her "fiance" is too busy for her. Here it goes.....
on days he's on hospital call, it sucks. because I dont get to talk to him all day. Last week he was on call 3 days and i think i talked to him about 3-4 times last week. 3-4 times (abt 20mins) in one week?!

same thing happens this week. except now he's also working on his research paper when he's not on call. I'm just frustrated because his work precedes everything..................  is this someone who I really can spend the rest of my life with?

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