Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what do you guys think?? (its a rough draft)

The gift that keeps on giving!

Host: Christy Jen   Change Organizer
Ronald McDonald House at Children's Hosp in Pgh
3rd Floor -- entrance located on bridge connecting Main Hosp and Staff parking lot US
When: Saturday, December 12, 12:00PM    Add to my iCal Calendar
Phone: 206-351-3320
Hi all!
I know you are all wondering what this is all about (at least I hope).
"Drop in & Decorate" is a nonprofit organization started by Lydia Walshin with The Perfect Pantry, a food blog.

The idea behind Drop In & Decorate is simple: bake some cookies; gather a group of family, friends, or co-workers, to decorate the cookies together; donate the cookies to a nonprofit agency serving basic human needs in your own community.
Now, here's my idea...
The Ronald McDonald House just opened up at CHP, the facility is absolutely amazing, they have a huge kitchen, and most importantly..... they are absolutely excited to have us there!

My goal is 120 cookies for the 60 families living at the RMHouse now. But I just dont have that many baking sheets and creative juice. So.... I NEED YOUR HELP!

On Dec. 12 at 12pm. we'll be there, blasting music, put on our creative hats, decorate cookies like crazy (maybe eat some too), and just have fun! Staff member at the RMHouse are also welcomed to join the fun and and boogie with us.

** the cookies do need to dry overnight, so I will be there the next day to put them in individual baggies for families to pick them up.

Are you guys as excited as I am?? Just drop by for as long as your heart desires, 30 mins or the whole event. Just come prepared to have some fun.

How can you help? Many ways!
1) Come join us!
2) if you feel like baking or your spouse/significant other likes to bake, bake a batch of sugar cookies (or butter cookies) and bring them to the party so we can decorate them
    - I have a simple sugar cookie recipe if you need one, just ask me
   - the bigger and thicker the cookies, the better! more room for creativity
3) bring sandwich bags for packaging later
4) bring icing/decorating stuff like icing pipes, sprinkles, beads, etc.
5) if baking is not your thing, come anyway! I'll need your help in decorating!

Who's ready for the fun?
Like Lydia says, "Cookies make people smile, and bring a bit of happiness to people in difficult circumstances."

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

When things matter...

I'm so excited for the holiday season.... thanksgiving, Christmas, not to mention my 27th bday sometime between the 2 holidays. I love the lights, the spirit, the smell, pumpkin bread, stuffin....

Not to mention, this year i'll be helping out with "Run with the Lights" a 5k at a local park. Apparently, this race was the product of a high school senior project! You know, we could live life just fine. But what about living an extraordinary life????? now, thats what i'm talking about. A salute to everyone out there putting their butt on the line trying to making a difference in this world. When we put our butt on the line for something, that's when things matter.

Speaking of things that matter, during today's early run, Jim, leader of a pace team, talked about "Haptics". According to wiki, "haptics" refers to a sense of touch. Haptics technology is heavily used in automobile sales. "Sit in the driver's seat. Feel the steering wheel. how does it feel?". Same concept, holding that pace sign. Jim talked about how he asks his pace leader and the group to switch people holding the pace sign.

When you have that pace sign in your hand, it's like putting your butt on the line. You are responsible for making that time for your group. I really love this! Being responsible means putting your butt on the line. Make it matter just because "I say so". That is absolutely such an empowering concept.
I got to admit, i've been hating going to work the last few weeks. Really, I'm playing Christian music in the car on the way to work, and I'm praying to God. "please help me get through another day" . I also have to admit, I haven't been putting my butt on the line in terms of my work. I no longer want to just "get by", because anyone can. I want things to matter to me. I want to feel alive again!

Some eye candy from last year's Run the lights fun run....  Anyone interested? Just bring $10 for donation (going to local food bank I think..) meet at 5:30pm on Nov.18 at Hartwood Acres Park. See ya there!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A date with running

I absolutely love exploring a new city by running around different neighborhoods! It is a unique way of being with the environment around you, the people walking by, the buildings, the parks, etc.... I discovered this new hobby of mine while interviewing at different places for pedo residency last year. Maybe it's that Inspector Gadget inside me, but I literally would get off plane, get to hotel, find a route near hotel on MAPMYRUN, and then go running! MAPMYRUN is awesome!  I ran along the Mississippi River in Memphis, ran through the suburbs of Rochester, NY, trails around Chapel Hill, NC, and many more.

Just thinking about it, I've been in Pittsburgh for 4 months now and there are so many places I want to visit. I've had some progress, but today I get to check one of my list. MOUNT WASHINGTON! My co-residents tell me it's not really a mountain, it's more of a hill. But my lungs and legs didn't think so today =) The view from Mt W is spectacular. The lights, the bridges, the air, it was amazing!

I'm always tired when I get off work. But I didn't have an excuse to stay inside today. I looked on the schedule for "People who run downtown" and guess where meeting place was today? Red Beard, a restaurant on top of Mt Washington. The run was great and the people were super nice. I thought I could probably introduce some of the running grps that I've came in contact with. 

Here are your options arranged by weekdays: they all meet rain or shine
Tuesday- " People who run downtown" meet at a different restaurant. Options of 3,4,6 miles
Weds (i was told) CMU track for speedwork with "Western Penn Track Club"
Thursday- with "Unknown grp name" but led by Liz Kennon; same deal; meet at restaurant with options of 3,4,6miles.
Sat- North Park at 6am (unknown grp name)
Sun- North Park at 7am (unknown grp name)

Check out this website for a listing of all running grps:

Happy to run happy again,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting back up after falling a few times...

Today is a big day. It really is. After brainstorming last night, I came up with a few goals for this blog. God knows how long I've been reading other ppl's blog and always thought to myself, "one day, maybe one day I'll start my own".

The last few weeks and days were dark for me. JD, my "special friend" is my biggest advocate. Without him, those dark weeks could turn into months and years.

Anyhoo, I am dedicating this blog to: 1) running-- including routes, running groups, races, etc. 2) pediatric dentistry-- a salute to all the mothers out there who maintains fitness while juggling family. I see way too many sick kids with worried mothers in the hospital for a toothache. anything to help right?