Sunday, November 15, 2009

When things matter...

I'm so excited for the holiday season.... thanksgiving, Christmas, not to mention my 27th bday sometime between the 2 holidays. I love the lights, the spirit, the smell, pumpkin bread, stuffin....

Not to mention, this year i'll be helping out with "Run with the Lights" a 5k at a local park. Apparently, this race was the product of a high school senior project! You know, we could live life just fine. But what about living an extraordinary life????? now, thats what i'm talking about. A salute to everyone out there putting their butt on the line trying to making a difference in this world. When we put our butt on the line for something, that's when things matter.

Speaking of things that matter, during today's early run, Jim, leader of a pace team, talked about "Haptics". According to wiki, "haptics" refers to a sense of touch. Haptics technology is heavily used in automobile sales. "Sit in the driver's seat. Feel the steering wheel. how does it feel?". Same concept, holding that pace sign. Jim talked about how he asks his pace leader and the group to switch people holding the pace sign.

When you have that pace sign in your hand, it's like putting your butt on the line. You are responsible for making that time for your group. I really love this! Being responsible means putting your butt on the line. Make it matter just because "I say so". That is absolutely such an empowering concept.
I got to admit, i've been hating going to work the last few weeks. Really, I'm playing Christian music in the car on the way to work, and I'm praying to God. "please help me get through another day" . I also have to admit, I haven't been putting my butt on the line in terms of my work. I no longer want to just "get by", because anyone can. I want things to matter to me. I want to feel alive again!

Some eye candy from last year's Run the lights fun run....  Anyone interested? Just bring $10 for donation (going to local food bank I think..) meet at 5:30pm on Nov.18 at Hartwood Acres Park. See ya there!


  1. That's beautiful. We have light displays like this in parks near me. I love walking through and admiring them on crisp winter nights.

  2. They should last about a week or maybe a little more, but definitely keep them refridgerated.