Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A date with running

I absolutely love exploring a new city by running around different neighborhoods! It is a unique way of being with the environment around you, the people walking by, the buildings, the parks, etc.... I discovered this new hobby of mine while interviewing at different places for pedo residency last year. Maybe it's that Inspector Gadget inside me, but I literally would get off plane, get to hotel, find a route near hotel on MAPMYRUN, and then go running! MAPMYRUN is awesome!  I ran along the Mississippi River in Memphis, ran through the suburbs of Rochester, NY, trails around Chapel Hill, NC, and many more.

Just thinking about it, I've been in Pittsburgh for 4 months now and there are so many places I want to visit. I've had some progress, but today I get to check one of my list. MOUNT WASHINGTON! My co-residents tell me it's not really a mountain, it's more of a hill. But my lungs and legs didn't think so today =) The view from Mt W is spectacular. The lights, the bridges, the air, it was amazing!

I'm always tired when I get off work. But I didn't have an excuse to stay inside today. I looked on the schedule for "People who run downtown" and guess where meeting place was today? Red Beard, a restaurant on top of Mt Washington. The run was great and the people were super nice. I thought I could probably introduce some of the running grps that I've came in contact with. 

Here are your options arranged by weekdays: they all meet rain or shine
Tuesday- " People who run downtown" meet at a different restaurant. Options of 3,4,6 miles
Weds (i was told) CMU track for speedwork with "Western Penn Track Club"
Thursday- with "Unknown grp name" but led by Liz Kennon; same deal; meet at restaurant with options of 3,4,6miles.
Sat- North Park at 6am (unknown grp name)
Sun- North Park at 7am (unknown grp name)

Check out this website for a listing of all running grps:

Happy to run happy again,

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by! I also love running around cities and learning my way around by doing it. I've just recently built up the courage to run by myself in Philly. My college is located near a not too great part of town, but once I get past that I am able to navigate all around Philly. It's so liberating!