Sunday, February 28, 2010

happy wkend

hiii guys
I had a surprisingly awesome weekend. Spent some time with my co-residents skiing at Snowshoe Ski resort in West Virginia. The drive there was very eventful because we drove through a snow blizzard and then we got stuck so ended up pushing the car for a good bit. anyhoo, i'll admit that skiing isn't my favorite sport. my toes and shin were bruised from the boots and i was scared sh**tless going down bunny slopes.. i think im scared of falling up and hitting a tree. this makes me a bit worried bc TLVBM and I are going to whistler end of march for a week of skiing..... but I cant complain about a wkend of good company, good eats, and lots of good drinking!

To make the wkend even better, got home from trip around 3ish. headed out for a 17mile run and it felt really good! estimated time was 2:35, avg 9:11 pace. this has been the longest training run!

my tummy is now filled with a warm bowl of noodles and veggies, i got sweats on, and i'm ready for bed after some tv.

hope everyone that a greaat wkend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

me sleepy...

not going to lie guys..... i'm skipping my run tonight. been skimping on sleep lately and i keep telling myself i'm going to go to bed early. so tonight is when i'm sleeping early. munch on some chocolate, granola, and carrots. tummy happy. me sleepy. good night guys.

and i'm gonna wake up early tmr morning to make up my run. I'm going to Snowshoe Ski Resort this wkend for resident retreat. I dont know how i'm going to incorporate my wkend long runs in.... does any one have any suggestions as to incorporating long runs while travelling?

** can't wait for summer to come.... it's still snowing in pittsburgh. this is a pic from a few years ago taken at Half Dome in Yosemite. Missing west coast~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy blogging

Wednesday blues? nah... wednesday is good bc you're half way through the week! great day at work today. busy and challenging, but awesome. I had 2 kids with autism today in clinic accompanied by their social workers. man, they should be called miracle workers sometimes. Let's just say not everyone can do what they do. My cousin also has autism and he shares a lot of the behavior i saw today. Thank you social workers! What you stand for is amazing to me!

Training update: oh yeah, I'm training for the Pittsburgh marathon. My goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon. For my age group, the lucky number is 3:40. It seems like the entire city is prepping for this race and I can definitely feel the spirit! Uneventful treadmill run today at the hosp gym. For some reason, I always feel slower (and actually i do run slower) on a treadmill. Running a 9:00 pace is hard for me on treadmill but it's doable for me on roads..... Does anyone feel the same?

I've been thinking about adding a "two a day" workouts to my week. two for tuesday sounds good and possibly some thursdays when I have late starts. I keep planning for these (just like tonight) but hasn't happened yet. Any suggestions for motivation?

Before I sign off, I just want to mention a few blogs that I really enjoy reading. These are all amazing women and they inspire me everyday.
Ms. Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point
Ms. Kelly at Healthy living with Kelly
Ms. Sonja at gosonja!
Ms. Jessica at How sweet it is

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Bloggie,
sorry it's been so long since I wrote here.... I have to admit, i got lazy, got caught up reading other people's blog, and never got to you. Sorry. Let's start new okay? My goal is to update regularly (4 times a week). I'll write about food stuff, training for Pittsburgh marathon, and life in general.
So let me update whats been going on since my last post.... okay, let me just skip to the most exciting news that happened since the invention of chocolate.

TLRBM and I got engaged! in Maui!! I'll spare the family drama details (from his side, cough cough). But nonetheless, I'm so excited! It was the best surprise ever!!! We were almost 2/3 done with our 14 mile trail run up in some national park in Kapalua. At this really awesome lookout pt, he asked me to pose to pretend that i'm enjoying the scenery. All this time, he was getting the black box and setting up the camera. He came from behind and put the black box in front of me. I was so shocked and surprise that i forgot to say yes and open the box. Just kidding! I said "yes" like a thousand times and jumped all over the place. (by the way, I love love love my ring. the ring is so "me")

so excited because i'm marrying one of the most awesomest person that I know in this world (besides my mom and his dad). He inspires me every day and he keeps me true to myself =)

** secret: what does TLRBM mean? hehehe..... tender loving very buff man (thats he jokingly calls himself)

check it out!