Sunday, February 28, 2010

happy wkend

hiii guys
I had a surprisingly awesome weekend. Spent some time with my co-residents skiing at Snowshoe Ski resort in West Virginia. The drive there was very eventful because we drove through a snow blizzard and then we got stuck so ended up pushing the car for a good bit. anyhoo, i'll admit that skiing isn't my favorite sport. my toes and shin were bruised from the boots and i was scared sh**tless going down bunny slopes.. i think im scared of falling up and hitting a tree. this makes me a bit worried bc TLVBM and I are going to whistler end of march for a week of skiing..... but I cant complain about a wkend of good company, good eats, and lots of good drinking!

To make the wkend even better, got home from trip around 3ish. headed out for a 17mile run and it felt really good! estimated time was 2:35, avg 9:11 pace. this has been the longest training run!

my tummy is now filled with a warm bowl of noodles and veggies, i got sweats on, and i'm ready for bed after some tv.

hope everyone that a greaat wkend!

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