Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting back up after falling a few times...

Today is a big day. It really is. After brainstorming last night, I came up with a few goals for this blog. God knows how long I've been reading other ppl's blog and always thought to myself, "one day, maybe one day I'll start my own".

The last few weeks and days were dark for me. JD, my "special friend" is my biggest advocate. Without him, those dark weeks could turn into months and years.

Anyhoo, I am dedicating this blog to: 1) running-- including routes, running groups, races, etc. 2) pediatric dentistry-- a salute to all the mothers out there who maintains fitness while juggling family. I see way too many sick kids with worried mothers in the hospital for a toothache. anything to help right?

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the kind message, I'm excited your blogging, I'll add you to my list! So, motivation, FRIENDS, appointments! Knowing that I'm meeting someone for a run gets me out the door 100% of the time. Also, new music in my iPod, that helps. If I'm in a slump I will download a few new songs. Also, I try to think about how good I always feel when I am taking a shower after my run. ;)
    a 50k is an awesome goal, but the miles have to happen, so get out there and gift yourself with a run!