Sunday, March 21, 2010

Race report-- JC Stone 50K in Pittsburgh

wow...... yesterday was the perfect weather for running! Race considered success yesterday because I finished with minor injuries (i hope)

Race took place at North Park; consisted of six 5-mile loops around the lake at North Park. Main aid station, start/finish line was well stocked. another water-only aid station at 2.5 mile mark.

Since I tweaked my right knee on thursday night's 9 mile run (dont ask me why i decided to run 9 miles 2 days before a 50k race), I was pretty worried about the race. I was worried that I would be forced to stop and get my official DNF ("did not finish"). I stretched, took tylenol, and kept massaging my knee. Saturday morning, I felt great. I even woke up on time and got to race with plenty of time to get settled in. Of course I overdressed (I dont like being cold), but good thing I brought shorts and changed into them.

Race started at 7:30am, about 40s. It took me about 6ish miles to really warm up. I'm lucky because I asked John (who I met through running group) on thursday if he would join/ pace me for a few miles. Awesome! he stayed with me for about 3 laps. In the meantime, I lost my black running fleece gloves (even though I kept looking for them). My pace was about 9:02min, easy, conversable, and comfortable pace without being too slow. I knew the real race began after he left.

breakfast at 5:45am-- one cup of tea + One Cliff bar 20g protein mint chocolate flavor. I love this bar because it takes like mint chocolate snickers, it was a bit sweet to eat as first thing in morning. I realized over the years that my stomach is very colicky. Too full-- heart burn and side aches and bad run. Too light-- hungry, water in tummy swishing around, unpleasant. I tried eating oat meal once, but it keeps me sorta full and bloated. I tried cliff bar 20g protein 2 wkends ago and it was good. The only thing was, I was hungry by like 7:45am (that meant i got hungry within the first 5 miles of running)

finalized outfit (changed 10mins before race)-- my favorite red shorts (they make me feel skinny) and my UW huskies shirt that Mr. TLRBM bought me and a black wind breaker. Over time, I also realized that I warm up best with anything that keeps wind out. I drench my fleece and other quick wick stuff.

lap one plus 1.1 mile random loop to make the 50k-- went by fast. i was one of the last people. I didn't let that get to me bc i know for ultra races you gotta start slow. You make up time in the last few miles when other people are getting tired and slowing down. Pulled out my Justins Honey Nut butter. Perfect. Filling because its got fat and protein, yummy, and light to carry. I like this because it sits well with my tummy and its got a little bit of consistency. I know im colicky, but i realized that things that require a lot of chewing takes energy out of me like pretzels (dry mouth) and jelly beans. I also like it because it takes me awhile to eat, so its like im grazing, keeps me sort of distracted. Sipped on water bottle, but i knew I wasn't drinking enough. early miles are usually harder on me because i think im just warming up and getting into the rhythm of things.

Lap 2  (mile 5-10) dont remember much, but I think John and I talked a bit about politics (Taiwan vs China). sipped little water. ate my vanilla gu. realized that I lost my black fleece gloves. that was fun bc it was sorta my goal for the next few miles to find it. John decided to go another loop with me, yay! Stopped for bathroom.

Lap 3- (mile 10-15). minimal talking, but sun was out, I still got my windbreaker on. starting to feel a bit tired. still haven't seen it. Saw the first guy who dropped. looks like his hip flexors were hurting him. I thank John for his company. No stops at aid station because i just wanted to keep rhythm going and I still had one chocolate gu and one Justins.

lap 4 (mile 15-20)-- went by fast again. i started looking for checkpoints as count downs. for example, the american flag. i know i'm abt 3 miles away. when i see babcock road, i know im really close

Lap 5 (mile 20-25) sucked. legs were hurting and i was tired. drank a bunch of gatorade, gummy bears, and some gu chomps. they tasted good.

lap 6 (mile 25-31)- thank goodness for Mike! Mike is a great runner and of course, he was out volunteering. I was running by him, and I yelled, "come on, run with me. Im hurting". Mike joins me for last lap. it was awesome. i finished.

my thoughts for this race:
1) my official time was 5:03:00. Abt ten mins slower than last race, but really i tried my best. i see this race as a success. my goal as of friday was to finish with no injuries. both mission accomplished
2) i didnt taper very well this week. I ran 6 on monday, then try to do catch on thursday with a hilly 9 milers. not the smartest idea. will not do this next race.
3) considering my time at the 26th mile was 4:11, i don't know if a 3:40 marathon goal is really possible. but it could also be due to the 50k from 2 wks ago?
4) need to eat more breakfast 2 hrs prior to race. Justins butter worked well, gummy bears good, and maybe alternate Nuun and water as electrolyte replacement

today was a forced rest day, because i really wanted to go out and run in the sunshine. instead, i went walking around walnut street and picked up some goodies like grounded chia seeds and goji berries.

4th lap (mile 15-20)-- I felt fair/good, no aches yet, but i knew I was getting tired.

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