Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ruby Tuesday(as my best friend Angie calls it)

I will spare you guys the details but from the hours of my last post and right now, I went through a mini breakdown. Anyhoo, all is well and what I gathered from my mom (after calling her past midnight, hysterically crying, thinking that TLVBM and I are no longer together), why is it that I have all the patience in the world with strangers like my kiddo patients at work, I have the least patience with the people I love and also take them for granted? I will be working on forgiveness and grace for myself and the people I love. It will take awhile, but I am not just going to say that i'm gonna do it. I am ready for this change.  What this entails is I will think 3 times before I say something when I'm mad, i will learn to let go of anger, I will learn to say sorry and mean it.

Anyways, all is well. I came home early from work today. Took a nap (sleep deprived from my drama night), and managed to meet with my running grp for a fast 6 miler (avg 7:45 pace) and hop over to my yoga studio for 1-hr power yoga. I think I pulled my right calf, so I'm going to take it easy tmr and cross train instead. I signed up for another road 50k coming up next wkend..... the JC Stone 50K in pittsburgh. Race report to follow.

My tummy is filled with yummy kale from whole foods and a bowl of hot noodles I made. hope everyone had a Ruby Tuesday!

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