Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time of reflection

This quote is just an awesome quote. I have breakdowns every day. But I guess, you can't have a breakthrough if you dont have breakdowns. I doubt myself a lot and the person in the picture, is someone who I love and truly inspired by. His endless love and patience is everything to me. This is actually a preview of my Christmas present to him this year. I hope he likes it!

And from Sonja's blog (, I am sharing my goals for next year with all of you.
1) attempt to qualify for Boston marathon with Pittsburgh marathon in May 2010
2) finish my first ultramarathon, the JFK 50 miler
3) *** shhh.... Sonja, doesn't know this yet. Person in picture above and I are planning on doing either the Arrowhead 135 mile race in Minnesota "aka the race in snow" or the Brazil 135 mile (aka, a race on the mountains" in year 2011.
4) participate in 50k in  2010--- race not determined yet due to scheduling

so what are your challenges for next year? Another great blog is by
-- she has daily workouts posted and she's hilarious!

- christy

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  1. "We are all meant to shine, as children do."- I love this!

    And wow, you've got some hefty races coming up. That's awesome, good luck!

    Happy Holidays!